Dream Team

Claire Wiseman

Claire is a writer specializing in content marketing, b2b communication and authentic connection. She has a B.A. in Journalism from Indiana University and three years of experience writing wellness content on the interwebs.

During her previous life as a newspaper reporter, Claire learned the the importance of connecting through stories. She helps business owners uncover and articulate their authentic stories so they can connect more authentically.

Her second life as a wellness writer has included projects with bloggers, businesses and passion products that help change the status quo.

She's one of those confusing introverts who values dystopian fantasy novels, the anonymity of public coffee shops, plants, her orange tabby, Friday nights in and the occasional trip to Vegas.

Charissa Talbot

Charissa is a community connector and expert in affiliate marketing, brand positioning and project management. She's worked behind the scenes in the Paleo community for 6 years, creating the #nocookpaleo hashtag, as Chief Operating Officer for Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, running the crowdfunding campaign for Diana Rodgers' film Kale V. Cow, co-hosting the first season of the Fed and Fit Podcast, and managing projects with Diane Sanfilippo.

She holds an AOS in Holistic Healthcare and is a graduate of The National Personal Training Institute.

She loves helping the Paleo community grow with the knowledge that growth means health for even more of us.

Nicole Pittman

Nicole Pittman is an artist, designer, aspiring shaman and world explorer - living between Silicon Valley California and Marrakesh, Morocco.

More specifically, Nicole has been doing graphic design and branding for wellness entrepreneurs in the online health and wellness space since 2014. Nicole’s client and project list some of her favorite content creators, and she feels incredibly proud of this work she was destined to do.

Nicole overcame her own health challenges and now lives the energetic and inspired life that at one time seemed like a far-off dream.

She spends most of her time feeling lots of feelings (#imacancer), working on various passion projects, pondering about the meaning of life, and making art in most any way she can. Nicole is married to a beautiful Moroccan man, named Faysal, and mother to Angel baby, Youssef. Her life inspires her art, and her work supports her dreams: to provide for the ones she loves and to create better place to call home (planet earth).

Jessica Marshall

Jessica Marshall is a Social Media Consultant and Small Business Coach who currently resides in Austin, Texas.

In 2016, she began her journey solo traveling around the world and visited over 11 countries across 3 continents while blogging, Instagramming and running her social media agency from abroad.

Her professional background includes specialty coffee, foodservice, CPG, sales and marketing. Jessica loves cooking, reading, yoga and above all else, coffee.